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Vegetable preservation

GC "Erconproduct" is among the top five in the segment of canned vegetables. Useful information for the partners, and what does it mean for the housewife? Just what families across Russia prefer our vegetables and fruits, because they are really healthy, tasty and at a reasonable price.
What is "Frau Marta?" This is the highest quality fruit and vegetables, proven recipes and a great love for the consumer. That is why the preservation of fruit and vegetable, marinade sauces, olives from "Frau Marta" can boast of an optimum combination of high quality and reasonable price.
The brand "Canada Green" is known and beloved all over Russia, because never before has the taste and quality been so reasonable!
Canned vegetables - appetizing beans, sweet corn and peas – are help to housewives in the kitchen!
"Ovoschnaya skazka" - is a brand, the name of which speaks for itself. Fabulously delicious peas, corn and beans for magic prices will be to taste of thrifty housewives who care about their families.