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B2B production

Candies, cakes, pies, ice cream, pastries ... Any sweet tooth will easily continue this list. Domestic manufacturers do the best to ensure that the sweet teeth are provided with the tastiest and healthy confectionery, and their reliable partner "Erconproduсt" helps them in it! Flexible terms, reliability and a wide range of consistently quality products - these are not the bonuses it is the norm if you cooperate with "Erconproduсt".

We work for you:
  • Confectionery industry;
  • Dairy industry;
  • Bakery manufacture;
  • Public catering;
  • Hotel industry;
  • Retail trade enterprises;


Universal in its quality product. Its gorgeous caramel-creamy taste is beloved by consumers of all ages and excellent production quality allows using condensed milk in a variety products. Caramelized milk is perfectly blended, does not spread, it withstands heat treatment and simply decorates the finished dish!
Gentle, sweet, racy fondant – is a decoration of confection! Beautiful and delicious fondant will attract any sweet tooth, but that it must be of extremely high quality. Do not rely on chance, gently sweet "Vortumnus" - exactly what is needed for the production of the most delicious confectionery.
FBF – is one of the main ingredients in the confectionery industry. In particular quality FBFs provide wonderful taste of countless pies and cakes, ice cream and yoghurts, cakes and candies. With fillings from "Erconproduсt" your sweets will become inimitable!
Condensed milk – is one of the pillars, production of the confectionery is based on. It is used for ice cream production, added into the dough for baking, as well as fabulous creams are based on this delicacy! From proper choice of ingredients depends how good is the end product - and whether the consumer will like it. Condensed milk from "Erconproduсt" – is a win-win solution!
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