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The production complex GC "Erconproduсt" includes its own raw material base - companies for vegetables growing and processing, dairy farms and three factories with rich experience in the production of milk and canned vegetables, dairy raw materials for industrial consumers and of whole milk products.

The production sites of the GC "Erconproduсt"equipped with modern automated machinery. Every year, factories are updated by production lines which meet current market requirements.

The full cycle of "growing - processing - production" allows controlling the quality at every stage - from the soil to the finished product. 

Engineering and manufacturing plant’s laboratories perform all works for incoming inspection of raw materials and auxiliary materials, conduct strict quality control of the products throughout the technological cycle.

About high prestige of the GC "Erconproduсt" enterprises say working dynasties of highly qualified specialists, transmitting experience and knowledge from generation to generation.

The production sites of the GC "Erconproduсt" have the certificate of conformity of the Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001-2011, which meets the requirements of the international standard.


Rudnyansky dairy and canning plant (Smolensk region) - is a high-tech enterprise, marked by numerous awards for high quality products, includes workshops of dairy and vegetable preservation.

  •  The first production of the plant - condensed milk, which has received wide fame, was released in 1935. In 1936 the plant was officially opened: thus, in 2016, the company celebrates its 80th anniversary!
  •  Today at Rudnyansky plant works more than 1,000 people.
  • Company productivity is up to 80 million standard cans of milk and to 100 million cans of canned vegetables per year.
  •  The product line is more than 10 types of canned vegetables and more than 20 types of canned milk, of whole milk products and products in large containers for industrial consumers.
  •  The plant produces dairy and vegetable preserves in traditional canmaking packaging, and in its modern forms: stand-up pouch, polyethyleneterephthalate, pure-pack, flow pack, plastic packaging, etc.


Olymsk dairy and canning plant (Kursk region) – is Russian well-known enterprise, specializing in the production of canned milk and of whole milk products.

  • Olymsk plant began production of dairy products in 1975. Thus, in 2015 the plant celebrates its 40th anniversary!
  • Capacities of the enterprise allow processing up to 200 tons of whole milk and about 100 tons of condensed milk and caramelized milk per day.
  • Currently, more than 350 people work the plant; some of them have been working there over 20-30 years.
  • The plant produces condensed milk as in a classic metal can, so condensed milk in a large container for industrial consumers.
  • Olymsk dairy and canning plant is the winner of numerous awards for the products quality.

 High level of technological production, strict compliance with time requirements and customer needs, as well as the active distribution of GC "Erconproduсt", network of branches and representative offices allow us to proudly represent the products in the largest trading networks of federal and more than 70 local networks across Russia such like Auchan, Lenta, Magnit, Perekrestok, Okay, Billa, Carousel, Giperblobus and many others.

We are also proud that we are the leaders on volumes of supply of raw materials for manufacturers of confectionery and ice cream - Rot Front, Conti Rus, Babaevskyi, Fili Baker, Krasnyi Oktyabr, Slavyanka and others.