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Products В2В «Caramelized milk»

Product which contains condensed milk with sugar "Caramelized heat-resistant milk"

"Caramelized milk" - ready heat resistant filling for bakery and confectionery products, including its extended shelf life. Thanks to the pleasant taste and color сaramelized milk is well combined with different types of dough. This condensed milk is suitable for automated production lines, resistant to freezing and shows high thermal stability (200-250 °C). The product is also stable during transportation and is resistant to freezing, so that can be successfully used in the production of frozen semi-finished bakery products.
Caramelized milk is perfectly combined with baked apples, which also offers "Erconproduсt". Various combinations of сaramelized milk and fruit-berry fillers allow obtaining new and interesting tastes which for certain will suit the consumer taste.

Filling is successfully applied:

  • for filling bakery and confectionery products before and after baking (flaky, shortcrust, yeasty, custard products, marshmallows, etc.);
  • for products with an extended shelf life;
  • for cooking of creams, fillings;
  • for ice-cream, chocolate glazed curd bars.

Packaging: Plastic bucket – 4 kg. Plastic bucket – 13 kg. Corrugated box – 20 kg.
Storage: 6 months from the date of manufacture in a cool dry place at temperature not above 25 °C.