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Product which contains condensed milk "Condensed milk with sugar Light"

"Condensed milk Light" - is an excellent finished filling for bakery and confectionery products, which has a great creamy caramel taste and excellent performances (well spreadable, has a stable consistency). Condensed milk Light has a pleasant taste and color, perfectly combined with various types of dough - puff, fancy, custard, shortcrust. The important advantage is that the сondensed milk Light is suitable for automated production lines and can be filled through the dosing apparatus - this feature even more expands the field of application of the filling.  
The condensed milk has a long shelf life, a homogeneous structure and stable during transportation, which makes it competitive for usage, even for small production volumes.
Filling is good for:
•    filling bakery and confectionery products before and after baking;
•    cooking creams, fillings;
•    ice-cream;
•    pancakes;
•    chocolate glazed curd bars.

Packaging: Plastic bucket – 4 kg. Plastic bucket – 13 kg. Corrugated box – 20 kg.
Storage: 6 months from the date of manufacture in a cool dry place at temperature not above 25 °C.