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Products В2В «Caramelized milk»

Product which contains condensed milk "Condensed milk with sugar " 11%, 8%

"Condensed milk" - is a ready-to-use filling with soft, homogeneous structure, which is perfect for usage for any fat-based creams. Condensed milk from "Erconproduсt" has a number of advantages: a homogeneous structure, excellent taste, resistance to prolonged mechanical impacts and stability to freezing.

Condensed milk has a wide range of applications:

  • for filling, as a layer and confectionery dressing;
  • for cooking fillings for candies;
  • as filling for all kinds of confectionery products (nuts, honey cakes, croissants, Berliners, etc.);
  • for filling of products, followed by freezing and defrostation.

Packaging: Metal can – 3,75 kg. Plastic heat resistant buckets – 4 kg.
Corrugated box - 25 kg.
Storage: 6 months from the date of manufacture in a cool dry place at temperature not above 25 °C.