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Stable growth and strong consumer demand gave Erconproduct LLC the possibility to build up extensive distribution channel not only in Russia but also abroad. The company has more than 10 years of experience in export sales and at the moment it continues to expand intensively due to both the development of new markets and strong consumer loyalty among existing markets of presence.  

Complete production cycle of the plant ensures a high incoming quality control and reduces production costs. This approach allows to offer high quality products at a competitive price.  Besides, the complete production cycle gives the opportunity to develop individual pricing policy for every different market taking into consideration all the peculiarities of a given country. This also helps to create unique balance of price preferences for development of all segments of importer’s market and ensure ongoing availability of products in the wholesale as well as retail and distributional network channels. Moreover, we take into consideration multi-confessional and cultural peculiarities of our end customers and adapt our products according to their taste preferences. That is why we passed through quite time-consuming procedure to get “Halah” and “Kosher” certificates.            

We pay particular attention to the promotion of our products in foreign markets and we always ready to develop special promo campaign together with our partners for the further distribution of our products within each country.

We are constantly investigating all the possible logistics solutions in order to optimize shipments and ensure fast and stable delivery worldwide.

We guarantee high quality of our products and look forward to represent them on your market together!

Contacts of the export department:

Contact number: +7 495 641-28-22 / add 605, 621

Contact email:

Skype: Erconproduct