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Dairy preservation

Why "Erconproduct" for many years is among the leaders on the market of condensed milk? Of course, the case in the vast experiences in manufacturing, quality materials and a proven recipe. And "Erconproduct" just loves sweets. What you love always works out well - taste and make sure in it!


The international standard "Halal" is a guarantee of high quality product. Carefully verified natural ingredients make condensed milk "Halal" so tasty and healthy.
On the meadows of Kursk region kind and well-fed cows are grazing. The most delicious and sweet milk they give us to make condensed milk "Kurskoe razdolie" for you. All we have to do – just to add sugar and love. Whole condensed milk with sugar Kurskoe razdolie.
You will recognize the taste! Thinking of condensed milk, we all imagine exactly it. And not without reason - a classic combination of dairy sweetness and tenderness will decorate any tea party. Favorite condensed milk. Favorite classics.
Molochnaya strana – is sweet paradise for condensed milk lovers! Delicious and nutritious, concentrated dairy desserts will touch grown up feelings as well as small sweet teeth.
"Nasha Malasha" - condensed milk, which will not leave anyone indifferent! Thick, sweet and very homely, it will immediately become a regular guest on your table.
Traditional condensed milk, familiar to all from childhood – it is "USSR"! Time-proved recipe, constant quality and an attractive price - that's what makes condensed milk "USSR" so special.