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Продукция В2В «Milk Production»

Condensed milk of GOST Standard Р 53436 - 2009

The product was made of whole pasteurized cows’ milk and sugar by means of thickening. Its sweet, strong creamy taste and homogeneous structure is ideal for a wide range of applications:

  •  when manufacturing of candies, waffles and milk candies like "Iris" and "Korovka";
  • as a main component in oily cream (with nuts, candied fruit, waffle crumbs, puffed rice, and other components addition) for the manufacture of cakes and pastries;
  • when manufacturing of dough for pies, rolls, butter biscuits, cakes, gingerbreads;
  • for manufacturing of cakes layers (with the addition of nuts, dried fruit, essential oils with different flavorings).

Condensed milk from "Erconproduсt" is perfectly mixed with oil, cream, nuts, dried fruit, candied fruit, waffle crumbs, popped rice and other ingredients.
Packaging: BC - 8 months, bag-in-box - 8 months, polyethyleneterephthalate- buckets 4 kg - 3 months, polyethyleneterephthalate- barrels - 8 months, milk tank vessel, metal can №14 - 12 months.


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